honoring individuality in community

Child and Family Support Waldorf values Hawaiian CuLture nature & farming

About Us

Ohana means Family

We are a community of home schooling families coming together to learn and grow our hands, minds and hearts together.

The curriculum is Waldorf-inspired.

Nature is our classroom.

We learn through doing.

We learn through emotionally connecting.

We learn through listening and expression.

We learn that we are a part of everything because everything is connected!

We meet multiple times throughout the week, serving all ages.

Maui Home School is the Waldorf-inspired branch of our larger non-profit, Maui ‘Ohana Collective, which serves the community by way of providing Homeschool Resource Services, Hawaiian Cultural Education, and Alternative Health & Special Education. 


Contact Us

Maui 'Ohana Collective

[email protected]

(707) 779-9817